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You'd be wrong.
Have any numbers to back that up?
I'm using the same hyperbole and anecdotal evidence the detractors are using. The detractors say, "ZOMG! These cars are just sitting on dealership lots. Nobody is buying them."

My local dealerships all throughout California can't even keep them in stock and are selling them above sticker all day long. People on the forums have issues obtaining allocations, and when somebody claims dealership ABC has X amount of cars on the lot (…usually basing that on internet sites that also tally in sold cars), I call and the dealership actually has none…..or maybe one.

So which is it? Are they selling or aren't they?!?!

The detractors will argue, "Well it's a chip shortage. Every car is selling with/without a mark-up. That doesn't mean the car is any good." I would challenge them to show me a large sample size of people who can just fuck off $80k+ on a car they don't like……and pay above sticker for it on top of that. It's just ridiculous. A person doesn't have to buy a G8X. They could spend that money elsewhere. They buy it because they like it.
I walked into the Porsche dealership and they only had a single sports car on the lot, boxter 4 cylinder in black with a MT. Everything fun is sold out everywhere. There is very little supply. It's not hard for demand to be higher than the supply when they only build a handful of cars.

Let's wait and see what happens when more than a trickle of sports cars are coming out of Germany. I mean new cars are so rare that used cars are just as expensive as new cars!!!
That's besides the point. People still aren't generally going to piss away money on something they don't like. You're not going to buy food, date someone, etc. that you don't enjoy.
People keep telling me I secretly hate a car I spent $93k on. It's disconcerting.
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