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And then the strong sales.
You say that as if strong sales corelate to anything design/beauty of the car itself. This may be true years ago, no longer with today's brand buyers.
It can look absolutely horrid yet brand zealots will still fork over cash.

Stop equating strong sales to anything of substance. If you like a broadly hated design just say it. No need to use a meaningless argument to support it.
Thank you for that thoroughly confusing response.

I have no opinion on this design, it's a test mule. I'm just suggesting the car will sell well.

You're suggesting I like a broadly hated design, ie, the g80? If that's your statement, I would say that the term "broadly hated" is a huge exaggeration. The vast majority of the public loves the G80 (driving around in one is an insane experience, people have universally positive responses in person), even if many long time BMW enthusiasts/consumers don't care for the front fascia, weight gain, etc.

If I am making an incorrect assumption about your inference please correct me.
You can't use in person response to determine if people generally like the look of a car. No one has ever walked up to me and told me my car was ugly. I've never walked up to anyone and told them their car is ugly. Yet I've seen countless ugly cars with owners standing next to them. It would be so rude to walk over and tell them how terribly ugly their car is.
What about all the thumbs up I get at lights? I suppose they are of the ironic variety? What about the people who ask my permission to take pictures any time I park the car? Look at this gorgeous bitch and tell me she's ugly…

Wait we are way off topic here lol.
I don't know what point you're trying to make. I never said not a single person likes the car. I said people who don't like it are probably not going to give you negative feedback in person. If you don't realize this, then it will seem like everyone likes the car. I've literally never in my life had anyone come up to me unsolicited and tell me my cars look ugly. Am I to conclude since I've only ever gotten complements at stop lights, gas stations, and parkinglots that everyone who's seen the car either likes the way it looks or is indifferent? No one thinks my cars look ugly or weird?
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