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Originally Posted by annabellapizza View Post
Lol not sure if you wanna call dog shit design "progress" but aight. I'm sure the cars will continue to drive "better" but look worse.
Do you own a BMW? Just curious.

I take it all you people that are highly upset with all these changes BMW is making would just prefer these automobiles to look the exact same way they did in letís say 2014? Not change at all? I mean itís obvious that you guys are all in the minority on this since sales are high on all these vehicles. I realize you donít like to hear that and you use excuses like Covid and such and thatís OK if it makes you feel better on the inside to justify your feelings but it doesnít change the fact that tons of people obviously like these new designs and are buying them. Iím one of them. I just find it interesting to see so many supposed BMW enthusiast absolutely devastated, insulting, harsh as well as livid over BMW changing these vehicles around. Part of me just laughs but then again part of me actually feels bad for you guys. I have no common point of reference with you because Iíve never owned a BMW until now and I like the old designs and the new designs. I would suggest that those of you that hate where BMW is going so much to find a different brand to go hang out with. Especially like this guy above who doesnít seem to even own a BMW.
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