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And then the strong sales.
You say that as if strong sales corelate to anything design/beauty of the car itself. This may be true years ago, no longer with today's brand buyers.
It can look absolutely horrid yet brand zealots will still fork over cash.

Stop equating strong sales to anything of substance. If you like a broadly hated design just say it. No need to use a meaningless argument to support it.
Your perspective is a subjective one. Just because you feel that way doesn't mean everybody shares your sentiment. Buyers have ALWAYS been brand buyers. That's the entire reason we have luxury marquee brands to begin with; it's status……just like name brand clothes and shoes. Sure, one could argue that some people buy items regardless of gross appeal, but generally speaking, people aren't buying cars they dislike (….much in the same way that people aren't generally in relationships with people they aren't attracted to). That's just a silly ass assertion fueled by confirmation bias. Objectivity isn't what you're interested in.
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